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New Fast Track Service launched to save you time and money

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Are you involved in a dispute or a relationship breakdown?

Are you having difficulty reaching agreement over the practical matters?

If you’re trying in vain to agree a solution, we can help.

Essex Mediation helps resolve disputes between partners, families and businesses. As a registered charity our fees are affordable and Legal Aid is available to provide free sessions for those who qualify.

Our role is to enable all parties to communicate clearly and reasonably, in order to agree the practical arrangements needed to move forward, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We are professional, neutral, objective and committed to helping our clients reach agreement. We have no vested interests or financial motivation; you can trust us to help you reach the right decisions and find the best solution for everyone involved.

If you need help to resolve a conflict please call us today on 01245 492200 or email us now.

“We were both given helpful, positive and useful information by the mediator in a caring and supportive manner”

“Mediation made a difficult situation more manageable.”

“I found mediation very helpful. Being able to go through the financial process in a safe environment was a big help.”

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