Our Fees


Information Meeting / MIAM  – £97  (£50 if you claim Universal Credit)
Mediation Session – 90 minutes – £160  (£125 where the issues only concern children)

Child Inclusive Mediation  £75 (£50 if you claim Universal Credit)

With the support of the government we are able to offer you a voucher of £500.00 towards mediation sessions that involve children ( not the MIAM  or document fees ) subject to availability

Document Preparation and drafting

Child arrangements Statement of Outcome : £110 ( £55 per party)
Open Financial Statement : £120 (£60 per party)
Memorandum of Understanding /  Statement of Outcome on Financial matters: £220 (£110  per party)

If no agreement is reached, we return at least 50% of the document fee to you, subtracting a processing fee for each client of £15 for cases involving children and £20 for cases involving financial issues.

Please note we do not participate in the government’s legal aid scheme, but offer a discount to clients who claim Universal Credits. This avoids completing complex eligibility documentation, saving time for our clients

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We do not charge additional fees should you require the forms which allow you to proceed to court