There’s more than you might think to our Mediation Services


If you were to ask someone to describe what’s involved with mediation? it’s most likely they’ll explain the mediation process in relation to divorce and separating couples. Whilst this isn’t particularly surprising as the majority of clients we help are often involved in such disputes, it certainly isn’t the only service we offer.

In addition to mediating divorce situations, Essex Mediation helps clients of all backgrounds and circumstances resolve disputes and conflicts; from family issues to workplace related disagreements, and as a registered charity with no financial motivation you can be sure that we always operate with your best interests at heart.

Our Family Mediation Services Available

If you’re considering using a mediator to help resolve a personal issue, then you’re not alone. Each year the National Family Mediation office estimates that it receives approximately 80,000 enquiries for family mediation, from people of all backgrounds and circumstances.

In addition to divorce and separation family mediation assists with a wide range of personal situations; from arranging child contact and visitation agreements to cohabitation and disputes with educational authorities. Mediation is proven to be a cheaper and less stressful alternative to the court system.

Using mediation to deal with civil and commercial conflicts

Whilst personal issues come to mind when thinking of mediation it is also equally common for conflicts to arise elsewhere in life, which is why we offer a range of services specifically for resolving civil and commercial disagreements.

From contract disputes to discrimination and dismissal cases, our experienced team of mediators are on hand to help assist with a variety of workplace conflicts, and are fully accredited with a number of leading mediation councils to help resolve your issue.

Choosing from our Mediation Services

Mediation is a trusted method in resolving disputes and conflicts, allowing both parties to consider each perspective in a calm and controlled environment. Resolving a dispute with the assistance of a mediator is also proven to be a cheaper alternative to the legal system.

What’s more, as a registered charity Essex Mediation is one of the few mediation services still able to offer legal aid support to our clients, making our services affordable, and in many cases, completely free.

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