Mediation helping families resolve their differences


Families left in conflict over childcare issues in the aftermath of separation or divorce are being given a helping hand to sort through their issues.

Essex Mediation aims to support couples as they go their separate ways to deal with problems which will impact on their children. Separating parents are now required by law to have explored mediation as an option before they can begin court proceedings. This was introduced in 2012 with the aim of minimising the emotional and financial burden of separation on the parties and any children whilst cutting down the time separating families were spending in court.

The Mediation service is just one of a number of services offered to clients by Essex Mediation who have brought all the support and advice needed when it comes to separation and family disputes under one roof. In addition to Family Mediation they offer counselling, Divorce Coaching, and Family Therapy so help is available no matter where you are emotionally or practically in terms of your separation.

Let’s be clear though, Family mediation does not try to keep separating couples together. A professionally qualified third-party mediator helps you reach practical agreements which are in the best interests of everyone involved. The alternative being imposed agreements made by strangers in the family courts.

Essex Mediation work with all types of disputes including what should happen to the family home, how assets will be divided, where any children will live and access arrangements to the children for the non-resident parent. .

Louise Hornagold Managing Director of Essex Mediation said: “Our Qualified Mediators are all registered and accredited with the Family Mediation Council. “They are dedicated and passionate about providing help to those facing divorce or separation. They work tirelessly to help people reach practical and workable decisions which help them move forward. “It is not our role to tell people what to do or take sides. “Our clients stay in control of any decisions made which affect them and their families.”

Mediation is quicker and less acrimonious way to deal with issues arising from a divorce or separation. Family Mediation really can work, you just need to be willing to try.