What is Legal Aid?


When it comes to resolving family issues and disputes one of the main considerations the parties involved have to take into account is the financial restraints imposed by legal fees. Although mediation has been highlighted as a low-cost alternative to the court system, financial considerations do still exist, which is where legal aid comes in.

Legal aid is a government-backed initiative that provides financial support to help cover the costs of family mediation, and in some cases where the client is eligible mediation costs are completely free. 

Legal Aid with Essex Mediation 

With recent reforms to the legal system reducing the level of legal aid support available in divorce and child custody disputes, mediation is often the only avenue available that still offers financial support via legal aid. 

Essex Mediation is proud to have been awarded legal aid status for our mediation services. As a registered charity it allows us to best represent our clients with no financially motivated interests, offering affordable and flexible fees with our legal aid contract also reflecting our high standards of mediation and professionalism. 

How do I know if I qualify for Legal Aid? 

If you’re considering mediation as a way of resolving a family dispute and believe you may be entitled to legal aid, please call us for more information so we can proceed in arranging an initial MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting). 

This initial meeting is a great way of outlining the best method of moving forward to resolving your conflict, and during this session your mediator can also carry out an assessment to see if you additionally qualify for legal aid. 

If eligible your mediation fees could be then be reduced or possibly even completely free, so contact us today to see how we can help resolve your issue.