The UK government uses technology to help thousands of families facing separation


When you separate knowing what to do or where to turn can be difficult. On the 29th November 2012 the government launched the sorting out separation app to help separating families easily access information and support.

Sorting out separation is a one stop shop for any parent facing or going through a separation.

 The app allows you to browse by topic to find general information, and contains links, useful tools and videos on a range of separation issues. It also enables people to make specific plans for their separation and the areas which directly affect them.

Quoted at the time of the launch Ken Sanderson, CEO of Families Need Fathers said this in support of the app

We’re very happy to be involved in this initiative. We’re confident it will help separating families more easily access the wealth of specialist support services out there to help them reach arrangements focused on what’s best for their children.

Justine Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of Mumsnet, said:

The beauty of this new service is that parents thinking of separating won’t need to go to great lengths to seek it out. We’re pleased the Government is using technology cleverly to bring resources to the people who need it.