People simply don’t know which way to turn!


Couples across the South East who are looking to separate are missing the help they desperately need because they simply don’t know which way to turn.

January and February sees a traditional rise in divorce and separation, as many families emerge from the festive season and the dawn of the New Year having been battered by pressures on finances and relationships that were heightened and magnified during the holiday break.

“People, need to know where and who they can turn for help,” says Louise Hornagold Managing Director of Essex Mediation.

Many local couples will have reached decisions over the festive period to end their relationships, now they are left wondering what they need to do next. They need more information about their options as they look to make arrangements for parenting, property and finance.

Many will think they must head off to a solicitor to prepare for a very expensive and protracted court room confrontation in which they can achieve a ‘victory’ over their ex. But there are alternative approaches that are quicker, much cheaper and much less stressful.

There is no need to leave vital life-changing decisions to strangers in a court room.

Professional mediators are highly skilled third party negotiators with experience in helping families create long-term solutions that work well for their particular circumstances. Rather than leaving it to a court to decide who will live where, what happens to the money, debts and pensions, and arrangements for the children, mediation empowers families themselves to decide these things.

Essex Mediation ’s professionally accredited family mediators can help families resolve all the practical, legal, emotional and financial issues that arise from separation. Most importantly, they can help families make long lasting arrangements that benefit their children.

Legal Aid remains available for family mediation.