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At Essex Mediation we provide an in-house counselling therapy service provided by a fully qualified and fully insured counsellor. Counsellors are trained to listen to your worries, problems, anxieties and stresses, to help you understand better what is happening and to then support you in finding new coping mechanisms that allow you to deal with life in a much more positive way. Counsellors do not judge you or your situation, they are here to listen, to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and to help you move on in a positive way with your life.

To find out how we can help you, please call 01245 492200 or click here to get in touch now.


Our Counselors will listen to your worries, problems, anxieties and stresses. They are trained in therapies and theories which can help you understand what is happening and then support you in developing coping mechanisms to deal with issues in a positive way. We will not judge you or your situation.

We offer a wide range of therapeutic services to clients throughout the South East and London.

We also offer workplace counselling which looks at Work related issues, such as stress, overwork, bullying and interaction with difficult colleagues. All of these can directly impact your work and home life and EM are passionate about providing support.

All counselling is confidential and voluntary, and cannot be a conditional requirement of a disciplinary process.


Relationships change they are organic and adapt. Life changing events can have a profound impact on relationships but so too can the everyday passing of time. Often when a relationship is facing difficulty we are inclined to blame the other person or ourselves.

Our Couples Counselling provides you with the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of how your relationship works and allows you to work through any difficulties you face in a caring and supportive environment. We can work with you both to address a specific issue or look at the relationship in a more general context, improving communication and focusing on empathy and understanding.  Essex Mediation has been working with families and relationships for over 15 years and our counsellors will use their skills and experience to help you both find a positive way forward.


Work related issues, including stress, overwork, bullying and difficult colleagues, can directly impact an employee’s performance, however many employers fail to recognise the negative impact that personal issues such as Divorce, separation or bereavement can have. In reality we will all experience a life changing crisis at some stage of our lives.

We offer an employee support intervention scheme which provides a safe place for people to talk freely about concerns or issues that trouble them. Our priority is to improve mental wellbeing and outcomes by supporting clients in the establishment of healthy coping strategies. We provide a non-judgmental, empathic way for your employee’s to find a way forward. All counselling is confidential and voluntary, and cannot be a conditional requirement of a disciplinary process.

Organisational stress poses a risk to more and more businesses each year and compensation payments for stress are also increasing. Employers need to tackle this challenge head on by not only dealing with the underlying causes of the stress but by ensuring the mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees is a priority.

Workplace counselling can help employees who are dealing with issues which require support and evidence clearly shows that its use can accelerate the rehabilitation of an employee, improving efficiency and productivity saving organisations money.

We support people in organisations across all sectors, locations and sizes and our prices are tailored to meet their needs and budgets.


Individual session =£45 Per Hour Mon – Friday 9.30am-5.30pm

Weekends and evenings available in Chelmsford.

Couples Counselling =£65 Per session (1.5 Hours) at all times.

Workplace arrangements and contract work fees available  on request.

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