Community Mediation

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Are you experiencing difficulties within your community perhaps with a neighbour or family member? Essex Mediations community team can help, Mediation allows disputing parties to come together in a safe and supported environment and begin dialogue with a view to reaching an agreed solution. Mediation is recommended by Citizens Advice, the Police, Local Authorities and the courts. It is often referred to as the first resort in civil matters.

Mediators are in control of the process, they maintain fairness and allow the parties to communicate in a constructive way throughout the mediation session. They facilitate and guide discussion to allow the development of acceptable solutions.

Problems such as noise, litter, boundaries and parking can be quickly and cost effectively resolved without the need for further distress and local authority intervention.

Referrals for community mediation can be made directly from those facing dispute or through a third party for example a council representative/officer. Our experienced and dedicated administration team will obtain basic information about the situation and will allocate the case to the appropriate mediator.

To find out how we can help you, please call 01245 492200 or click here to get in touch now.


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