Mediation Awareness Week – Are you aware?


This week is Mediation awareness week. Its a chance for the mediation community to come together to highlight the many benefits of mediation accross all sectors. Family arguments, workplace conflict, community disagreements and commercial disputes can all be swiftly and cost effectively resolved using a mediator.


Mediation of disputes provides solutions for all parties, they costĀ  less than litigation and are dealt with quicker. This avoids disruption to businesses and individuals and removes the debilitating effects conflict can have on professional and personal relationships.

Disputes in the business, construction, workplace, community and family sectors are proven to cost billions of pounds a year in expenses and legal fees. With even the simplest dispute expected to take a minimum of a year to reach a court decision the cost and stress on individuals can be overwhelming.

UK Mediation Awareness Week 2016 is being promoted by the Civil Mediation Council, the London Community Mediation Council, the Family Mediation Council, the Law Society, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the College of Mediators, the Business Mediation Group and theĀ Supporting Careers in Mediation Advocacy.

Various events are running nationally and locally including conferences, debates and Mock mediation sessions. Here in Essex we are running an event on the 13th for the wonderful volunteers at the Personal Support Unit based at Chelmsford Family Court.