Compulsory Attendance of a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting (MIAM)


MIAM Attendance 

 Mediation is a trusted method of resolving disputes between two parties, providing a cost effective alternative to the court system that’s proven to reduce stress, improve communication and result in greater long term solutions with the assistance and guidance of an experienced mediator.

Changes to the Court process mean that you must attend a MIAM before making an application to the court for family proceedings.  This meeting cost £60, however, if you are eligible for Legal Aid then this meeting would be free.

Your Appointment with your Mediator

The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting provides a great starting point to learn more about mediation and how it can help resolve your conflicts, with both parties meeting in a calm and neutral environment to communicate and understand each others point of view.

Furthermore, as a registered charity Essex Mediation are one of the few mediators in the country still available to provide Legal Aid, and during your introductory meeting our experienced team will take the time to assess if you qualify for this service. If successful, you could then also be eligible for free mediation and financial support. 

Arranging your Mediation Appointment 

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