Complaints Procedure

We aim to provide a high standard of service but recognise that there are times when things go wrong. We value the opportunity to put things right and can use this information to improve business practices. Essex Mediation defines a complaint as any formal expression of dissatisfaction, either during the mediation process or within 2 months of a mediation case being closed. We would encourage you to contact the office by telephone in the first instance as many concerns can be dealt with at this level, however if your complaint is not dealt with in a matter that is satisfactory to you please follow the steps below.

1. All complaints need to submitted in writing to

Essex Mediation
Oliver House
Hall Street
Essex CM2 0HG

• Essex Mediation will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing, within 5 working days
• The mediation process will be halted and the other party will be informed that a complaint has been made.
• A full and thorough investigation of the complaint will be undertaken by the Professional Practice Consultant, Business Development Director or Managing Director depending on the nature of the issues raised.
• Following conclusion of this investigation a detailed written response will be issued to you within 4 weeks of the acknowledgement letter.

2. All complaints are recorded by Essex Mediation fully on the case file and in- house complaints file.

3. The complaints file is reviewed annually to assist in the identification of operational trends, staff and mediator training and procedural improvements.

4. If you do not feel your complaint has been dealt with adequately at the above level, you can forward full details to the Chairman of our Board of Trustees at the above address who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 5 working days.

5. The Chairman will then conduct an independent investigation and provide a full reply within 4 weeks of the acknowledgement letter.

6. If you have followed the above steps and remain unsatisfied that your complaint has been adequately dealt with, you may ask to have your case investigated by writing to National Family Mediation.

1st Floor, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter EX1 1JN

If you have any questions or queries on the above policy please contact the office on 01245 492200