Choosing a Mediator that’s Best for You


Finding and Choosing a Mediator

From speaking to the large number of clients we’ve helped resolve their conflicts over the years, it seems that many can attest that sometimes the hardest part of the process can be finding and choosing a mediator in the first place.

This can be due to the fact that our clients can find us through so many different avenues; some may approach us directly with mediation already in mind as the best course of action to resolve their dispute, whilst others have mediation recommended to them as an alternative before proceeding to court.

Choosing from our Mediation Services Available

However our clients find us, mediation is a trusted process proven to be a cheaper, faster and less stressful alternative to the court system. It allows those involved to communicate with the assistance of a trained third party, considering disputes from a new perspective to move towards an agreed resolution.

Here at Essex Mediation we have an experienced team of mediators on hand to resolve a wide range of issues; from family mediators specialising in divorce and separated parenting arrangements, to commercial mediation and workplace disputes and much more besides.

Choosing a Mediator through Essex Mediation

Whilst mediation can help resolve issues in a calm and neutral environment, being involved in a dispute in the first place can involve a great deal of stress and emotional pressure. The financial considerations of choosing a mediator should therefore never be added on top of this.

As a registered charity, Essex Mediation are also one of the few mediators in the country still able to offer legal aid support, meaning that our services are affordable (and in some cases free).

For more information on any of our services or how we can help assist you towards a satisfactory conclusion for your dispute, please call us on 01245 492200 or contact us today.